Hommage à Noir

Translation of the German Camera Prize Cologne/Film foundation North Rhine-Westphalia awarded to Franz Lustig 1998 for best camera/editing excerpt from the jury’s statement:

“The young Director of Photography Franz Lustig – in co-operation with Director Ralf Schmerberg – created pictures of the black continent which do not match the current image of Africa. While media often stress problems, Franz Lustig finds pictures of grace and dignity.

With his camera he discovers the grace of movement and lets his film become a festival of movement and forms. Quite different from many other media events his pictures do not illustrate an idea. His pictures are his idea. A principle of an order with strong meditative effects is created, from which the viewer can hardly move away. With the film a different picture of Africa and its people is created, rarely seen elsewhere.

The self-confident camera makes many creative elements used in “normal films” superfluous. The film has no words and it does not need them. Without words an impression is created that sinks into the deepest emotions of the viewer. An Hommage a Noir.”

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